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Across sports cars, single seaters, motorcycle racing and further afield, the Gulf brand is associated with winning, whatever the discipline. Gulf Race Fuels now aspires to take its offer to other global markets, via a dedicated blending facility in Europe. Race, rally, aftermarket and historic fuels are now all available, with each product tailored to the unique requirements of the specific discipline.


Racing 102

Gulf Racing 102 is an unleaded, oxygenated fuel that has a three-digit octane level, providing you with that sought-after competitive advantage against others using standard unleaded fuels.

Our 102 formula is a consistent and reliable fuel that provides an increase in performance across many different applications. The fuel can also be used at all levels of motorsport from professional to amateur as it is both FIA and Motorsport UK compliant.

Fuel Specifications:

Research Octane Number 101.4
Motor Octane Number 89.12
Dry Vapour Pressure Equivalent 8.3psi
Oxygen Content 3.4% (m/m)
Specific Gravity 0.756


Performance Plus

Gulf Performance Plus is arguably the most versatile fuel on the market. Its highly oxygenated formula produces extreme power increases for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. Fuel choice is critical to vehicle set-up and can be the difference between podium and the rest of the pit lane. Gulf Performance Plus is the perfect formula for competitors in race series that have flexible fuel specs – providing the opportunity for a competitive advantage.

Fuel Specifications:

Research Octane Number >109
Motor Octane Number >94
Dry Vapour Pressure Equivalent 7.27psi
Oxygen Content 6.55% (m/m)
Specific Gravity 0.732



Gulf Rally is specially designed to stand up to some of the most demanding conditions that international rally has to offer. Our uniquely formulated fuel helps to provide increases in power and performance for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. Furthermore, the fuel meets the most stringent of requirements such as FIA certification and appendix J compliance, allowing it to be used throughout all rally disciplines.

Fuel Specifications:

Research Octane Number 102
Motor Octane Number 86.8
Dry Vapour Pressure Equivalent 7.2psi
Oxygen Content 3.26% (m/m)
Specific Gravity 0.772


 Gulf Racing (102 FIA)   25 lt CHF 120.00
 Gulf Racing (102 FIA)   50 lt CHF 234.00
 Gulf Performance Plus (109)   25 lt CHF 138.00
 Gulf Performance Plus (109)   50 lt CHF 276.00
 Gulf Rally (102 FIA - R5)   50 lt  CHF  280.00 
    Preise exkl. MwSt - 08/20


  • Gulf Racing 102
  • Gulf Performance Plus
  • Gulf Rally

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